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Kids Playing Treasure Hunt


Here For You

Play therapy is a way of connecting with children that allows them to process their emotions without the need to talk about issues as adults might. Through non-directive play, children reveal their inner world to the therapist, who then mirrors it back to the child, as therapist and child work together to process difficult feelings and find new ways of doing so independently.  If your child is struggling with recurring fear, sadness, or anger, play therapy is an effective method of transformation. For children, the symptoms of such repetitive cycles might be toileting issues, fighting or bullying with siblings or at school, temper tantrums or meltdown, separation anxiety, difficulties learning, or more. For most children, play therapy provides relief.  Each play therapy also includes a parenting check-in, which allows me to connect with you and provide feedback about what the child is telling me through their play. I've seen this work provide incredible shifts for families and would be excited to work with yours!

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